Lone Parents of kids aged 3 and 4 will be forced into the Tory’s mandatory workforce scheme under new rules released today.

The Government has quietly released new rules in relation to lone parent benefits. These ‘big changes’ released by the Government include:

  • Forcing Lone Parent with kids up to 3yrs old into ‘work focussed interviews’
  • Forcing Lone Parent with kids of the age of 3yrs and 4yrs into the Government’s workfare program
  • A new Sanction program to deal with lone parents that can range from 20% to 100% of the loan parent’s benefits.

The Government claims that Loan Parents of young children should be on the mandatory work placements ‘to better prepare’ loan parent of the requirements they will face when their child reaches five years old.  These placements will be approximately 15 hours a week and the local authority is expected to cover childcare costs.

This is a horrendous and vindictive policy by the Tories. Health experts considering these early years as the most important in a child’s life.  Forcibly removing the parent from the child can not be good for the child’s well being, especially if the parent is not ready to re-enter the workplace.

At a time when experts are complaining of “motherism” – bigotry against stay-at-home mothers – we should be encouraging more parents to stay at home rather than force them to work for no wage. Stay-at-home parents provide “unrivalled benefits” to their child.

The Tories have always had ‘issues’ with single mothers. We saw that in the 80s and 90s and now we are seeing it in the 2010s.